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Our non surgical rhinoplasty will change the look and shape of the nose without undergoing the complications and risks of a traditional surgical nose job. We use hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to reshape and beautify the nose to achieve your desired facial aesthetics. Your nose centers and balances the face, so you must only trust professional practitioners for your procedure. 

At Mery Álvarez Clinic, experienced professionals handle your nonsurgical rhino modeling procedure that provides a harmonious balance to your shape with aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking results. With countless success stories to back us, contact us for your nose job in Medellin Colombia!

Rhino Modeling Specialists

Our practitioners specialize in aesthetic remodeling through nonsurgical rhinoplasty, with a deep understanding of facial anatomy and the suitable filler amount.

International Grade Products

We rely on only the most advanced and safe technology and products for our services. Our hyaluronic acid-based fillers are certified safe and biocompatible for rhinoplasty.

Comprehensive Aesthetic Medicine

Our treatments align with your aesthetic goals! Therefore, we offer personalized consultation services to find the best approach to your procedure before any treatment.

Rhinomodeling with Hyaluronic Acid

Rhinomodeling with hyaluronic acid is carried out by injecting the hyaluronic acid filler in select amounts into the nose. Only specific points are targeted to achieve the desired shape, taking care of the smallest details. Certain results you may want to obtain include an elevated nose tip, corrected nose angles, adjusted protruding nasal bones, or other minor imperfections without resorting to surgery. 

The procedure is performed under strict supervision and rarely offers discomfort. Patients are also supplemented with anesthesia before the procedure to alleviate any discomfort they might feel.

Complementary Treatments

Can I combine my rhinomodeling procedure with other treatments? Absolutely! Rhinomodelation on its own is meant to correct minor imperfections of the nose. For enhanced facial aesthetics, you can choose to complement your procedure with other treatments, including:

What is Rhinomodeling?

Rhinomodeling is a safe, non-invasive aesthetic procedure that reshapes the nose to your desired look with the application of hyaluronic acid. It can correct the shape and size of your nose, elevate the tip, or correct minor irregularities without surgical intervention.

Aftercare With Rhinomodeling in Medellin

Maximize the results of your rhinomodeling procedure, also known as liquid rhinoplasty, by adhering to our aftercare guidelines:

  • Avoid strenuous physical activity after your procedure
  • Do not sleep on your stomach/face or press the treated area
  • Avoid high-impact sports 
  • Avoid alcohol consumption or smoking
  • Do not wear glasses or sunglasses for the first week after treatment
  • Avoid unprotected exposure to the sun, rely on SPF protection

Are you seeking personalized care that is tailored to the needs of individual patients? Join us for a consultation to get started!

Get Your Personalized Treatment Plan

We don’t rely on cookie-cutter procedures. Reach out for a fully personalized treatment plan adapted to meet your unique needs! Schedule your appointment today!

Before & After with Rhinomodeling

Rhinomodeling procedure is ideal for those who want to correct minor imperfections without surgery. Here is an overview of our success stories, all through in-clinic procedures!

Benefits of Rhinomodeling Medellin

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Are you unsatisfied with your nose but not ready to enter the operating room? Rhinomodeling might be the procedure for you. 

  • It is a safe, quick, and minimally invasive procedure
  • It offers nonsurgical nose enhancement with minimal downtime
  • It is effective at reducing wrinkles, improving the tone and shape of your nose
  • It optimizes the shape of the nose so it is harmonious with the face
  • It usually takes only one session. Adjustments or corrections are rarely needed.
  • The procedure does not leave scarring. 
  • It is an outpatient procedure, so you can resume your daily activities immediately.
  • Rhinomodeling offers long-lasting effects, up to 14 months.

Receive rhinomodeling treatment at our clinic in Medellin and achieve your desired aesthetic results. Speak to our experts today to discover the right procedure for you!


1. Is Rhinomodeling A Safe Procedure?

Aesthetic professionals regard rhinomodeling with hyaluronic acid as a safe and effective procedure, but it is best left to the professionals. Have your rhinomodeling procedure overseen by the experienced specialists at the Mery Álvarez Clinic to minimize risks and get your desired results.

2. How Much Does Rhinomodeling Cost in Colombia?

We don’t rely on cookie-cutter procedures. Your procedure is tailored according to your needs. During the consultation, we discuss your expectations, irregularities, and the amount of HA filling needed, among other factors. You are then provided with an accurate non surgical rhinoplasty cost. Schedule your consultation with us today to get started.

3. At What Age Can Rhinoplasty Be Done?

Rhinomodeling is an effective nonsurgical treatment that can correct minor imperfections of the nose. It is certainly less complicated than going under the knife for a nose job and is, therefore, safe for all patients above the age of 18.

4. Are There Any Risks with Rhinomodeling?

Our rhinomodeling Medellin services are safe and effective and rarely show any complications. The rare side effects you might notice include:

  • The appearance of lumps, bruising, or swelling in treated areas
  • Pain or discomfort in the treated area
  • Redness, irritation, or hardness
  • Filler migration to other areas 

The nose is a sensitive area and can be prone to such reactions. However, most symptoms disappear after a few days. If you are concerned about the effects of rhinomodeling and what the procedure can do for you, we invite you to join us for a one-on-one consultation. We would love to alleviate your concerns and answer any questions you might have for us!

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