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Painless, Non-Invasive Body Treatments in Medellin

Want to regain your flattering curves and youthful body contour without going through the risk of cosmetic surgery? Come in for our highly effective, noninvasive body treatments! Our specialists at the Mery Álvarez clinic have extensive experience and leverage modern, cutting-edge technology to deliver the best noninvasive body treatments across Medellin.

Our treatments are fully personalized according to your particular needs. Our ultimate goal is to help you regain your body contour through our highly effective, noninvasive body treatments. These treatments are performed outpatient and will demand little to no downtime.

Safe Procedures

Our state-of-the-art facilities provide highly effective and safe noninvasive treatments that ensure visible results without causing any discomfort!

Innovative Technology

We employ the latest medical equipment and sophisticated infrastructure to ensure only the best results, every time!

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Our Aesthetic Non-Invasive Body Treatments

Non-invasive body procedures are the perfect way to achieve your desired body contour without going under the knife. Explore our complete portfolio of non-surgical body treatments.

Cryolipolysis (CoolSculpting Medellin)

Cryolipolysis, commonly known as fat freezing, is a popular nonsurgical fat reduction procedure that reduces the volume of localized fat in the body. It utilizes CoolSculpting technology, which freezes unwanted fat cells that are isolated, disintegrated and eliminated naturally from the body. This is an outpatient, relatively painless procedure that does not require anesthesia. It is also highly effective at reducing unwanted body fat and giving you a slimmer body contour that you have always wanted.

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Body Toning

We offer non-invasive body toning procedures using specialized equipment to tone the muscles, eliminate fat and deliver you a slimmer, toned appearance. Focused ultrasound, Russian current therapy and intra-lifting procedures are used to reshape sagging skin, redefine body contour and improve your overall appearance. For best results, you may need to come in for multiple sessions.

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Body radiofrequency is a highly efficacious nonsurgical procedure that employs high-frequency electromagnetic waves to treat loose skin, help with skin tightening and improve body contour. This pain-free procedure also helps boost collagen production, reduce cellulite and reduce scarring or fine lines.

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Laser Hair Removal Medellin

Get smooth to the touch and flaunt beautiful skin with our professional laser hair removal treatments in Medellin. Our diode laser and IPL treatments will eliminate hair from the roots and are designed to offer effective and long-lasting results. Not only will it remove unwanted hair, but it will also get rid of folliculitis and spots over the skin to give you radiant, soft, and supple skin.

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Hand and Neck Rejuvenation

Discover the most innovative treatments focused on rejuvenating the skin of the neck and hands, using techniques that help collagen and elastin regeneration to show thicker and firmer skin. At Mery Álvarez Clinic, we deliver results adapted to your objectives.

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Do You Seek An Attractive Body Contour Without Surgery?

Natural aging, sedentary habits and poor lifestyle choices can all increase unflattering body fat, cellulite and sagging skin. At the Mery Álvarez Clinic, we provide the most advanced noninvasive aesthetic body treatments that will re-sculpt the body to your desires! You can gain highly satisfactory results without having to go for surgery.
Our treatments are designed not to alter your natural anatomy but only to target unwanted fat and sagging skin. Each procedure follows a carefully personalized plan that puts your needs and comfort first! We also recommend these treatments for people who can’t seem to eliminate stubborn fat despite diet and lifestyle changes.

Our professional facilities, cutting-edge technology and fully licensed and experienced specialists position us as the trusted choice for non-invasive body treatments in Medellin. With little to no downtime, no scarring and pain-free procedures, you will be able to improve your body contour hassle-free! For more information, contact us by filling out the contact form provided.

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