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Some might be fortunate to have blemishes that come and go. For others, they leave behind persistent, stubborn marks that can take away from your confidence. At the Mery Álvarez Clinic, we offer professional acne scars treatment in Colombia to treat the visual reminders that come with acne. We use a combination of nonsurgical techniques that eliminate or fade these scars so they are no longer apparent, leaving you with clear, blemish-free, and healthier skin!

Not all acne scars look the same. Some appear as raised bumps, others as sunken areas or faint scars, and sometimes, people have a combination of different scars. Our experts identify the acne scars you are dealing with and offer skin depigmentation treatments accordingly. It all begins with a personalized evaluation to assess your skin’s condition and prescribe a treatment plan accordingly.

Advanced Acne Medellin Procedures

Our team offers the latest dermatological treatment procedures and technology to remove skin blemishes and enhance skin clarity and health.

Excellence & Innovation

Our cutting-edge devices, certified dermatological products, and dedication to excellence make us the trusted choice for acne treatment Medellin.

Comprehensive Aesthetic Medicine

Our team offers you a wide range of personalized aesthetic medicine treatments that are personalized to meet your particular needs. Join us for a consultation to find the right fit for you!

Our Treatments for Blemishes & Scarring

Dark Spot Treatment

Our services for acne scars removal in Medellin are aimed at clearing away dark spots and blemishes that make your radiant face go dull. Dark spots can stem from several factors, including natural skin aging, unprotected or prolonged exposure to the sun, certain medications, or hormonal factors. Our procedures leverage various cutting-edge tools to clear away such blemishes and marks. Our aesthetic treatments will give you a clear, refreshed, and even skin tone.

Acne Scar Treatment Medellin

One of our most requested facial procedures is for skin scarring. Our dermatological procedures can help reverse the appearance of acne scars. We start with a consultation to assess your skin and your expectations from the treatment and provide a personalized treatment plan. Depending on your case, you may require a long-term treatment plan spread over several milestones. Our treatment plans not only tackle acne scars but also correct postoperative stretch marks and skin lesions. Expect a mix of our advanced microneedling technology and facial aesthetic procedures to regain clear and healthy skin. 

Contact us for your personalized in-office acne scar treatment plans using high-grade professional products and advanced aesthetic medicine technology!

Compatible Treatments

Our acne treatment plans typically incorporate multiple compatible aesthetic techniques so you get the exact results you envisioned. You can combine any of the procedures below to restore the radiance of your dermal layer and smoothen skin texture.

What To Expect with Our Treatments!

Cookie cutter treatment plans? We offer so much more. Our detailed acne and scars laser treatment plans are tailored to your particular case. They are designed to eliminate stubborn dark spots and skin scarring that can stem from various factors. Through our scar treatments, you can eliminate minor and significant skin imperfections without going under the knife. By the end, you will be rewarded with clear, lesion-free, uniform, and well-toned skin.

After Care with Your Acne Treatment

Your skin is an organ that changes and grows. You must take good care of your skin to fully nurture it back to its radiant glory. For best results, you must follow the prescribed aftercare guidelines.

  • Avoid unprotected sun exposure, and use SPF whenever stepping out
  • Avoid using lotions besides the ones recommended by our professionals. Some contain ingredients that can trigger acne, clog pores, or reverse your acne treatment effects.
  • Drink plenty of water to promote skin healing and dermal regeneration
  • Avoid any extensive facial treatments without consulting your specialist
  • Follow our post-treatment care instructions and maintain the use of our prescribed topical products

You are unique. Why should your treatment plan be any different? Come visit us for a one-on-one consultation where we take the time to hear your concerns.

Get Your Personalized Treatment Plan

You are unique in your own way. Why should your treatment be any different? At our Colombia aesthetic clinic, we offer fully personalized treatment plans to meet your particular needs.

Before And After Acne Treatment Medellin

Take a look at our before and after gallery. You will see the actual acne treatment before and after pictures that depict the stellar results of our acne scar treatment.

The Benefits of Acne Treatment with Mery Álvarez Clinic

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Our Medellin aesthetic treatments offer several benefits:

  • A painless nonsurgical procedure that offers distinguishable results over time
  • Delivers uniform skin tone while clearing away visible blemishes
  • Stimulates dermal cell regeneration and healing of scars
  • Minimizes dark spots on the skin
  • Offers a massive boost to your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin for better skin quality
  • Offers even texture, tone, and a healthy glow to your skin.


1. Why Do White Spots Appear on The Face?

White spots can appear on the skin due to many conditions, including certain health concerns and skin disorders. Some possible causes include Pityriasis Alba (a type of low-grade dermatitis/eczema), Vitiligo, Eczema, Fungal, Hyperpigmentation, and Keratosis Pilaris. At our clinic, we first assess your skin condition to uncover the cause of your white spots. A treatment plan is then devised to treat these concerns accordingly.

2. Is It Possible to Eliminate Acne Scars?

Acne scars are completely correctable! With our dermatological technology and extensive aesthetic expertise, you can easily correct the small imperfections that come with acne. We offer a mix of different facial treatments, including chemical peels, microneedling, dermal fillers, and others that are expertly applied to clear away acne scars.

3. How to Remove Dark Spots and Scarring from The Face?

Acne scarring and dark spots can be stubborn and tough to deal with on your own. Instead of relying on risky home remedies (that aggravate your skin concerns more often than not), reach out to a skin specialist. We house highly skilled aesthetic doctors who have a keen understanding of different skin conditions and skin types and can prescribe the best-fitting treatment plan for you. Reach out to us to get started on your skin renewal journey!

4. What Causes Facial Dark Spots?

Facial dark spots appear when melanin accumulates in areas of the skin, leading to hyperpigmentation. Several factors trigger this melanin production, including using aggravating cosmetic products, unprotected sun exposure, hormonal changes, diabetes, aging, and more. Our acne treatment plans include a detailed assessment of your blemishes and dark spots. We use professional and proven techniques, microneedling technology, and high-grade cosmetic products that effectively combat their appearance.

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